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Guide to Completing Your JRUKA Practitioner/Teacher Directory Listing 


Here is a step by step guide to completing your professional listing on the JRUKA Directory page. The listing system has some limitations on what can be amended for example on field titles, so this guide walks you through the listing process and provides some extra guidance on how to fill in the form. For examples of how others have completed their directory, you can search for Shaun Mckeown, Jonathan Stuart, or Rika Tanaka’s listing on the directory page. 


Place Title 

Please ensure you write your FULL NAME only (ie no titles) in the Place Title Field. Any business name can be displayed with the logo, description, website and email. However, we request it is the individual member who is listing, rather than a business. 

Place Description 

Here is where you can add a bit about you and your Reiki practice, what you offer etc. 


Select Category from Practitioner or Teacher and Practitioner (if you want).  

Note for Teacher members: if you are a Teacher member ensure the blue button is highlighting the category you want your listing map pin to list you as- Teacher will be green pin. Practitioner will be purple map pin. You can do either, just be aware.  


House number and Road 


Ensure UK is selected, if not already, then can use the dropdown menu to select. 


Select County from drop down menu 


Select City (or nearest one to you) from the drop down Menu. 

Zip/ Postcode 

Enter your postcode- then scroll down- location should appear on map 

Select Map View 

Ensure ‘Default map’ is selected 

Drop Files Here (Photos)

Click ‘Select files’ and download an image from your computer that you wish to be your main image by your profile. This can be a picture of you, or a business logo for continuity within the site. Image size is 800 x 800. You can also add additional images here also.
If you can’t resize at on your device, maybe use: https://picresize.com or another free app online. 

Note: you can not place images of other people without their consent or have just “Jikiden Reik” in the logo.


You can enter your business phone number here is you wish 


You can enter a business email here if you wish 


You can link to your Reiki business website here. 


You then have a few extra options you might wish to use (which could be edited or added at a later date also) including: 

Linking to a twitter account 

Linking to a Facebook account 

Linking to an Instagram account 

Loading a video 

Posting a Special Offer 


Business hours 

You can list business hours if you wish to 



Once you have checked the details and are happy- click submit (you can return and edit in the future by logging into your account and then going to your profile from the Directory page). If you have any questions simply contact us at info@jikidenreikiuk.com  

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