Covid-19 Update

Following the Government announcement that the therapy industry can reopen from Monday 13th July, we would like to provide you more information regarding restarting your Reiki practice, when you are ready.

>>>The link to the government guidelines ↓
The Government Guidelines for Close Contact Services

We advise reading this fully and raising any questions if you have any.
If you feel you can practice in a COVID secure way…

  • Complying with all the required risk mitigating steps
  • Have the appropriate required PPE in place (as detailed in the government document published 9th July)
  • Can practice in a safe manner that avoids the ‘higher Risk zone‘ – “the area in front of the face where splashes and droplets from the nose and mouth may be present, which can pose a hazard”
  • Have confirmation that you are covered by your Professional Indemnity Insurance.

Then our interpretation of the advice is that Reiki practice can resume on 13th July. But we reiterate only if your Reiki practice complies with all the regulations.

***Please check for local restrictions HERE. ***

Note: JRUKA can only give our interpretation to these guidelines and you will ultimately have to follow your own judgment regarding returning to your practice, checking with your insurer is advisable.
Please make sure you only return to work on the date applicable to where you live…

Regarding the regions of the UK other than England
Northern Ireland
Face to face and ‘hands-on’ therapies resumed in Northern Ireland this week.

The Scottish Government announced that practices providing face to face therapies can reopen on 15 July and close contact services providing ‘hands-on’ therapies can reopen on 22 July. please see

The Welsh Government announced on the 27th July that close contact holistic services providing ‘hands-on’ therapies can reopen, according to the following documents

We wish you all the best for your return to work.