Enkaku Reiki – Distant Healing

Why use Enkaku Reiki?

  • you have a health issue and cant get to an in-person treatment 
  • you are suffering from stress and anxiety and would like help reducing them 
  • you have an injury and youd like to support your bodys healing process

Enkaku was traditionally used in Japan with physical health issues, ailments and injuries. It is also believed to be helpful for anxiety and stress, something becoming increasingly common as we navigate these unprecedented times.  


If you would like to receive Reiki, please take a look at the qualified Jikiden Reiki practitioners working in the UK today here. You can contact the practitioner you would like to work with direct to talk about your needs and arrange a treatment.  

Though hands-on treatments carry the additional benefit of the healing power of touch, Reiki is very effective when done at a distance. Times like these, where so many of us are unable to be with our loved ones in person can be trying, both emotionally and physically. Knowing that Reiki can be given from a distance is a great comfort.  


Enkaku, or Distant Reiki, can be given by any practitioner who has taken Okuden level. He or she gives a treatment for the same amount of time as they would in person. During the treatment the practitioner can feel byosen, areas that are blocked and need treatment, just as they would in a face-to-face session.  


During the treatment, at the agreed time, the receiver is asked to lie down or sit and relax. Reiki is given to the areasmost needing Reiki so that the receivers body can use the energy to assist the natural healing process 

Photo of Japanese lady in kimono doing enkaku distant reiki

Gift Vouchers 

You may want to gift treatments to a loved one who would benefit from Reiki. The majority of practitioners in our association are happy to provide gift vouchers for a single treatment, or a series of treatments. The costs will vary as each practitioner is responsible for their own treatment prices. Again, you can contact a practitioner to ask any questions you have about this and discuss the treatments with them.