Here are some common questions we receive at the JRUKA.

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When is membership open to Join?

We will be taking memberships from Monday 1st June 2020.

What Payment method do you accept?

Currently we are accepting Bank Transfer, or Cheque, but are also looking into card payment options for the near future. 

Is membership for professional Reiki Practitioners and teachers, or anyone?

It’s open to all jikiden Reiki students and teachers in the UK. The Jikiden Reiki UK Association has been created to have membership options for all UK students of Jikiden Reiki, the only requirement is to have completed Shoden (the first level of Reiki) with a Jikiden Reiki certified teacher. 

I live outside the UK, but attend events in the UK and do not have such an association in my country. Can I join?

Once we have launched on June 1st, the International Associate subscription will be available for those who travel to work/learn or volunteer in the UK. Please email us at info@jikidenreikiuk.com to register your interest.

Do I have to get CPD’s for Member, Practitioner or Teacher level membership?

No, it is a requirement of the Accredited Practitioner member level when it is released as a course for Jikiden students in the UK. It is the requirement of the National Occupational Standards.

How much do I have to pay to get started?

Please check our web page… https://jikidenreikiuk.com/membership/

Can I upgrade my membership at any time?

Yes you can upgrade at any time, simply email us and we will let you know how. The important thing is that you comply to the terms of each membership. 

Do I have to have Professional insurance to join as a Practitioner member?

Yes. Full requirements can be found within our Code of Conduct document, which you will be able to view as you fill in your membership application, one requirement is to have valid professional insurance if working with the public. 

Is there a special discounted professional insurance scheme available?

We are working on it and are in talks with insurance providers as we speak. It is a priority for us. We need to have a certain number of members within the Association to proceed. So the quicker students join, and the more there are, the quicker we can get this in place. 

I heard there is an Accredited Practitioner Course Coming can you tell me more?

One of the main reasons for inaugurating the JRUKA was to offer professional practitioner courses in the UK. this will be recognised by the CNHC and therefore give Jikiden Reiki the status and acknowledgement deserved to offer treatments in Health services across the UK.  We are in touch with key organisations at the moment to be able to provide this course as soon as possible. We will email with updates when we have them.

How do I access the benefits and resources we get as a member?

When you join you will get a membership login, which will take you to a membership level specific resources page. Items such as downloads, templates etc will be available there. Other benefits of membership, for example if you are a Practitioner or Teacher level Member, being able to post a listing on the national ‘Find a Practitoner/Teacher’ page. Also quarterly member updates/resources will be emailed to you with links to any new sources of information.

Once I have logged in I can't see the Membership menu item

We hide the Membership link because you have already signed up to be a member of the JRUKA, if you want to see it, please log out or go to https://jikidenreikiuk.com/membership/

I would like to Join the Practitioner level, but have not got my insurance in place yet, can I Join Now?

Yes, you can join now and you will have until 4th July to email us a copy of your insurance certificate. We are currently working on getting a block discount insurance scheme in place now, which we hope to have in place so you can join by the end of June. 

Still need help? Send us a note!

For any other questions, please email us at info@jikidenreikiuk.com

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