Jikiden Reiki Training

As far as possible, Jikiden Reiki seminars replicate those taught by Chujiro Hayashi and attended in 1930 by Wasaburo Sugano, his wife, and later by Chiyoko Yamaguchi, her sister and other family members.

​The Jikiden Reiki practitioner workshops consist of the following levels:

Shoden – parts 1,2, and 3 taught over 2 days

Okuden – parts 1 and 2 taught over 1 day


​During this workshop you will:

receive 3 Reiju. Please note that Reiju is not a blessing, but the origin of Western Reiki “attunement”

learn about the history of Reiki

learn about the 5 principles Usui devised and the history behind them

learn how to treat people using the concept of byosen (feeling for areas that have more toxins and require treatment)

learn the importance behind a symbol used in areas that need more Reiki and how and when to use it

learn a massage treatment taught by Mikao Usui and further enhanced by Chujiro Hayashi as a consequence of his medical training

learn techniques for enhancing the sensitivity in your hands and practicing at home

give and receive Reiki treatments and have practice sessions with other participants

Shoden Level – £220




During the next level, Okuden, you will:

​receive 2 Reiju

learn about distant healing and the Jumon used to send Reiki to people anywhere in the world

learn a powerful method to heal psychological problems on yourself and others. This method can be used to help with minor inconveniences such as worry or nervousness, habits such as smoking or drinking too much or more difficult psychological issues such as depression or trauma

It is possible to treat yourself and others physically after doing the Shoden level and go on to do Okuden later if you choose to. However, some people prefer to do both Shoden and Okuden together. This is often done as a 3 day course.

Course details

Individual teachers can increase the length of the course, but they cannot decrease them

Number of participants

There can be anywhere from 2-6 participants per teacher in the seminars.

Course Fees

Course Fees are set by the Jikiden Reiki Institute in Kyoto, Japan and are reviewed every two years. Contact the teacher you wish to learn with to book a place on a course.

The prices include the textbook fees, registration with the Jikiden Reiki Institute in Japan, a traditional Japanese certificate and an English certificate.

Okuden Level £250

Repeating the courses

It was recommended that students re-join the workshops (shoyukai) at regular intervals to receive Reiju (attunements). This is at a reduced cost…

Shoden – £90 / Okuden – £60

Those students wishing to go on to become Shihan-kaku (assistant teachers) must repeat both Shoden and Okuden at least once. 

All Jikiden Reiki Shihan (teachers) pass on what they have been taught as as it was originally passed on to them and use the course material issued by the Jikiden Reiki Institute in Japan. 

The cost to learn is set by the Institute to try and make it equitable around the world.